Protecting the unseen and, therefore, often overlooked underbelly of your vehicle, rustproofing is a proven method for extending its lifespan. Using only those products and materials that have proven to provide unquestionable durability and product excellence, our technicians guarantee a superior level of vehicle protection with everything they do.

Safeguarding expensive engine and transmission parts from rust and other corrosive elements, such as humidity and salt-laden air, our undercoating services rank among the best in the state. At Waugh’s Customs, your undercoating is meticulously applied by expert technicians, working to avoid important elements such as brakes, exhaust systems and drive shafts. Keep your undercarriage free of corrosive elements that cause extensive damage by rustproofing each one of your valued automobiles now.

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OEM approved product by 9 major auto makers

Approved by Line X Protective Coatings

Designed, tested and PROVEN to resist liquid de-icing brines used on the highways in Shenandoah Valley and all parts of Virginia, that is causing all the corrosion problems!